Makeup Therapy: Why it’s Important for Our Mental Health

Makeup may feel superficial to some, but at Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics, we know that it can be so powerful in its use. Through our “Face The Future” Program, Sweet LeiLani evolved from LeiLani’s pro bono work with Cancer and Trauma Surgeons.

With over 30 years in film and TV, as a hair and makeup stylist and one of few who specialize in paramedical corrective makeup and tattooing.  LeiLani has worked firsthand with women who have been in hiding due to the trauma they’ve experienced and suffered from extreme skin conditions such as burns, cancer/radiation, eczema, and rosacea, LeiLani noticed the differences in a person's overall energy. Beauty can bring so much positivity and confidence to an otherwise dark & overwhelming situation and we know there is nothing superficial about that.

For years, we’ve been exploring ways to destress and maintain healthy mental hygiene. Yoga, meditation, painting, and journaling, it’s all been done but sometimes we forget that simple everyday things, like putting on makeup, can create some of the most therapeutic moments. A study showed that 48% of women that prefer to wear makeup say that it makes them feel positive and strong, whether it be because it makes them feel comfortable in their skin or that the process of beautifying can be therapeutic in itself. Makeup as a way of coping has been talked about by therapists and psychologists, deemed as something incredibly important for our mental health.

Beyond that, makeup can elevate your sense of self-esteem. You can pick the colours, the products, the tools to apply – and that’s empowering. At Sweet LeiLani, our makeup is recognized by dermatologists and plastic surgeons whether you are just starting out, for extreme skin conditions, or hormonal challenges with skin, or for those just looking for Clean Cosmetics. Our Foaming Cleanser and Moisturizer detoxifies, energizes and boosts cell turnover by removing dead skin cells improving skin quality and promotes healing for sensitive, allergy-prone skin while aiding treatment for rashes, eczema, vascular damaged or inflamed, itchy skin.

Our Skin Care Cover Foundation was specially made to be a skincare-infused correcting cream foundation that conceals any skin imperfections from dark circles to rosacea and scarring while treating your skin with healing botanicals. Having a personalized beauty routine that is moulded to us, our skin, can snap us out of everyday stress and give us a moment to rebalance.  Jane Polinski, a mental health therapist, says that “doing something like applying makeup can help the body and mind to slow down and focus intently on something.” She also talks about how dopamine, the happiness drug, can be released when you finish your makeup, boosting self-esteem, mood, and overall morale. 

At Sweet LeiLani, we understand the power of makeup. Through years of volunteering, LeiLani knows how makeup transforms us on the outside, but over her years in the industry, she’s come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside. It’s more than makeup. It’s therapy.  

Do you know someone who would like a consult to find the perfect product for their skin? Send us an email and we'll book you in for a free consultation with our in-house makeup artist to empower you on your makeup and skincare journey. 

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