Dreaming ☆

of the stars

Since the age of 12, LeiLani dreamt of becoming a Special Effects Makeup Artist for film & TV. Becoming a Hair Stylist right out of high school allowed her to save up for her dream, and at the age of 19 she began her journey.

Moving to LA for FX/Makeup school in Hollywood, LeiLani spent a lot of her work experience hours in film studios, allowing her the opportunity to work on productions with famous actors very early in her career!

Reaching ☆

the stars

LeiLani's first job was as a representative for a Cosmetic Company introducing Zsa Zsa Gabor to their new Joe Blasco Film Makeup.

"It was Christmas time, and I remember walking into her home, and there was a tree in the foyer that went up three levels. At my young age, I’m not sure if I was more impressed by Zsa Zsa, or her home up in Beverly Hills!"

Living ☆


Returning home to Vanvoucer, LeiLani continued living her dream...

Working on shows like 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, Wiseguy, multiple Hallmark movies + many commercials which included special FX makeup and styling wigs.

LeiLani wasn't content to remain a hair and makeup designer for film and television. She went on to become one of Canada's few Certified Paramedical Makeup and Tattoo Specialists.

Working from a spare bedroom in her home, LeiLani volunteered with the Cancer Society to cut and style wigs, and to teach people how to cover and camouflage skin discoloration due to the side effects from undergoing cancer treatments.

At this time, the makeup industry focused strictly on glamour, and the makeup she used on-set was too harsh for post-operative skin.  No one addressed skin issues that men and women struggle with.

These patients inspired LeiLani to vigilantly tread forward with a scientific approach creating plant derived creations of beauty products that incorporate the medicinal value not usually found in cosmetics. Complexion products safe to use while under going chemo and radiation treatment.

“I have always known how makeup transforms us on the outside, however, over the years I’ve come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside. It’s more then makeup, it’s therapy.”

Thus began the search for gentle makeup, infused with natural plant based skincare.  Ingredients that would work on sensitive, post-operative skin, and included beneficial ingredients like Grape Seed, Green Tea & Rose Hip.

LeiLani, now working with burn patients as well, needed products that allowed the skin to breathe, as well as providing incredible coverage, yet didn’t look "mask-like".

Sometimes when you can’t find a solution to something, you just have to create it yourself!

Empowering Women

These patients inspired her to establish Face the Future, a pro bono program that is committed to educating women, men, and teens about skin health, wellness and result oriented clean beauty. 

LeiLani is highly recognized not only for her pro bono work, but more importantly for boosting the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions.

 Dedicated to empowering women, her knack is bringing out the inner beauty in her clients. This is the core of her brand.

Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of her Brand, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics started from a bedroom and now is commercially available across Canada and US for the everyday women.


Makeup that blends... with your life

A pioneer of clean beauty for 30 years. Sweet LeiLani Beauty was built around the desire to help people.

 "You can plan for a certain future and end up in a totally different place. In my case, although I didn’t change career fields, a big pivot created a business that changed my journey.

 I never set out to have a business; through my pro bono work with burn/cancer/trauma surgeons, I was simply trying to solve a difficult problem for these patients. Little did I know that Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics would be one of first of its kind on the market, ahead of the curve in what clean beauty means for women today."