Beauty Corner

Less Gunk. Fewer Ingredients. More Good.
We all know that the food we put in our bodies and staying active is important to maintaining good health. But in that same way, what we put on our skin is important. It is our largest organ and the protective barrier...
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Scleroderma: Hard Word, Harder Disease
With June being Scleroderma Awareness Month, we, as a skincare cosmetics company, wanted to join the conversation. Our founder, LeiLani Kopp, a paramedical makeup expert, has worked with individuals who have lived with scleroderma for years now to empower them...
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Instagram is Creating a Generation of Conscious Consumers
Have you ever thought about what might be in that super trendy yet surprisingly inexpensive beauty product that has been all over Instagram? The packaging is cute and fun, but what about the ingredients that make up the product; are they cruelty-free? Where do they come from? Are they good for your skin? In what working environments were these products produced? 
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