Investing in a healthy planet is a necessity, not an option

The word sustainable can mean a lot of different things these days. Particularly in the cosmetic industry, beauty lovers are more selective and paying closer attention to things like environmentally-friendly packaging, the ingredients that they’re putting on their skin, and the waste that is produced as a byproduct of their choices. 

We’ve spoken before on the significance of going “clean” and the issue of toxic ingredients in cosmetics but in honour of Earth Day, we’re shifting the conversation to another issue we see in the beauty space – packaging. 

Despite efforts, the beauty industry can still produce a lot of waste, and much of it ends up in the ocean and landfills. A Forbes article even stated that ​​”Zero Waste Week data revealed that in 2018, more than 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging were produced globally—the majority of which were not recyclable." We can all agree that 120 billion is no small number and experts state that for significant and long-lasting transitions to occur within the industry, companies themselves need to initiate changes.

Fortunately, both consumers and companies have been driving awareness to waste and its effect on the environment. As a result, many manufacturers are seeing the benefits of introducing sustainable packaging and ensuring their products are regarded as environmentally responsible.

At Sweet LeiLani, we consider ourselves to be a vocal advocate in creating better beauty for a better planet. Our packaging is 100% earth-friendly and made of 100% post-consumer kraft card stock, using vegetable ink resulting in non-toxic beauty products. Our sustainable paper cosmetic packaging offers a solution that can be reduced and reused, and is 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable. 

Part of our mission has always been committed to creating better beauty for a better planet and with that, we are excited to announce that we have elevated our already sustainable powder compacts to the next level of beauty. New Powder Compacts are now available with the same eco-friendly card stock but now have a new design; the same formula that you know and love with an elevated look!

As we mentioned before, billions of cosmetic packaging end up in landfills every year. We want to change that statistic. We are actively working every day to change that. At Sweet LeiLani, we believe we have the power to be better and we believe you, our customers, share in that power. 

A healthy planet is not an option… it is a necessity. This Earth Day, we’re challenging YOU. We’re hosting an Earth Day Contest on Instagram from April 22-24 and we’re giving away a $100 gift card! ​​Here's how to enter: Follow us on Instagram @sweetleilanicosmetics and on our Earth Day post, comment on a change you have made in your personal life that works towards a better planet, and tag three friends in your comment. Repost our giveaway post on your story for an extra entry to win a $100 gift card! 

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