Purity in Every Step

When LeiLani first started her career in Film & T.V, the corrective makeup industry was non-existent. The industry focused strictly on glamour and no one addressed skin issues that both men and women struggle with daily.

LeiLani is one of few in Canada who is highly recognized as a specialist in the corrective paramedical makeup field.

She has been a pioneer in this field and is recognized in the industry for not only the specialized background in corrective makeup but providing an education platform to teach women why it is important to make healthier choices in beauty products.

 "That look on someone’s face, when they are smiling after crying, is contagious and gives you perspective; it shows you what truly matters in life”

“Our paths may not cross as often as they once did, but you’ve make a lasting impression on me and my life, and I am always honoured to be a part of your team of professionals, and hopefully your circle of friends. As my first mentor in the world of professional cosmetics, you set the standard for me and I’m still striving to meet or exceed it.
Thank you for everything!”


Superficial Beauty to Wellness

Meet the founder behind the Sweet LeiLani Beauty & Health Revolution

In the world of beauty, LeiLani, the founder of Sweet LeiLani, has emerged as a trailblazer. Revolutionizing the industry with her commitment to creating pure, plant-powered, clean, vegan, cruelty-free products that make an environmental impact with sustainability.

LeiLani's journey began with a humble desire to help others. She is one of few in Canada who specialize in paramedical corrective makeup. From volunteering in burn units to collaborating with medical professionals, she discovered a gap in the market for safe, effective
cosmetics that benefit and treat the skin.

What started as a one-woman operation quickly evolved into a thriving Brand, with Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics now making its mark in the Health and beauty industry.

LeiLani's dedication to providing education on better beauty options and highlighting the importance of clean cosmetics, sustainability, and the transformative power of her products, to navigating into the retail landscape on store shelves, to adapting to the online realm, LeiLani's journey is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of excellence in the beauty business.

Initially, LeiLani’s career did not include building a company. Her span of work was in Film/TV, as a Makeup/Hair designer, and teaching embalmers how to make loved ones look natural. It all started with her volunteer work from a bedroom styling wigs for Cancer patients.

LeiLani’s greatest joy in her career is the opportunity to help patients who are dealing with severe skin issues or have experienced traumatic events. “It humbles me to be able to assist them in regaining their confidence through the power of makeup and skincare. Witnessing the positive impact it has on their lives keeps me motivated and inspired to continue creating products that make a difference”. “I can channel my creativity and passion into tangible results. The ability to innovate and constantly strive for excellence keeps me motivated to push boundaries and develop new solutions for our customers”.

LeiLani's journey from a bedroom to Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics exemplifies the power of passion and purpose in the world of business. Staying true to her mission by prioritizing their health and the health of the planet.  LeiLani's
dedication to better beauty and her unwavering commitment to her customers' well-being set a remarkable example in the beauty industry and beyond.

Healing From The Inside Out

"I am humbled every day working with these patients that climb from tragedy and rebuild their lives. These patients inspired me to create Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics with no idea how or where to start, but they impacted my life so much so, that I had to find a way 

 I have always known how makeup transforms us on the outside, however, over the years I’ve come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside.

It’s more than makeup, it’s therapy.” 


Recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

Pro bono work of 28 years include sponsorship programs with Cancer Society, Firefighter Burn Fund, Burn and Lupus camps.LeiLaniworks closely with Burn/Cancer/Trauma communities

Referred by these experts…

Dr. Toma J Timothy

  • Kama Health

Dr. Rajeev Mangat

  • Kama Health

Dr. James Boyle, Plastic Surgeon

  • Volunteered at the kid’s Burn Camp in Squamish for 16 years.
  • Worked the out patient Burn Clinic with Dr. Boyle several times.
  • Dr. Boyle referred patients for Corrective Camouflage Makeup
  • Contact: 604-737-7492

Lois Budd, BCPFF Burn/Trauma Unit/Camp Nurse

  • Volunteered with Lois at the kids’ burn Camp in Squamish for 16 years.
  • Volunteered with programs involving “The Future is Mine” adult Burn survivor programs.
  • Contact: 604-875-4111, Local 63377

Ann Coombs, Program Director “Future is Mine” adult burn survivor programs

  • Volunteered for several activities and programs with the Burn Fund.
  • Host of the adult Burn survivor day spa.
  • Patients are referred by Ann for Wig Styling, corrective Camouflage Makeup
  • and Skin Needling Treatments.
  • Contact: 604-733-9014

Joyce Ho, Occupational Therapist VGH Burn/Trauma/ Plastic Unit

  • Trained Burn Unit therapists on Corrective Camouflage Makeup
  • Joyce refers patients

Dr. Cameron Bowman – Plastic Surgeon

  • Dr. Bowman refers patients for Areola/Nipple Re-pigmentation Tattooing and Skin Needling.
  • Contact: 604-734-1416

Dr. Anthony Papp – Plastic Surgeon Burn/Trauma Unit

  • Refers burn patients for Camouflage Makeup/Skin Needling
  • Contact: 604-875-5866 Ext 5

Dr. Steven Brady – Plastic Surgeon

  • Refers for Areola/Nipple Re-Pigmentation, Skin Needling
  • Contact: 604-270-3313

Dr. Robyn Watts – Plastic Surgeon

  • Refers for Areola/Nipple Re-Pigmentation, Skin Needling
  • Contact: 604-273-1034

Dr. Marie Phribota – Dermatologists

  • Refers for Camouflage Makeup
  • Contact: 604-931-5811

Dr. Roberta Ongley – Dermatologist

  • Refers for Camouflage Makeup

Dr. Zloty – Dermatologist

  • Contact: 604-875-4888



"Leilani, I have received so many compliments and positivity on my skin lately and am so pleased with the progress we have made.  It hasn't been easy, but you have given me my life back and I thank you so very much!"

~ Marcy

“It is a wonderful thing to have self-esteem when faced with certain medical conditions, and you help people rediscover that in themselves.

Your heart for others was amazing to witness as well.  It was an honour to meet you”

~ Karen

Your cosmetics are the best I've ever used, and the natural, healthy ingredients... absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for creating cosmetics with such wonderful ethics. I use to cover up scars from picking (a habit I've almost conquered). But your diligence and care towards me and your products has really made a difference in my life. 
 I just hope I could let you know that your company is absolutely great and I truly hope you'll become even more successful.

~ Ana

"I have told everyone I know about Sweet LeiLani. I love the fact that your colors work for everyone, therefore; you don’t have to know what you’re doing when blending colors."

~ Carol Bland

"I discovered this while I was doing chemo and my skin was bad from all the steroids I was on. The coverage is amazing and it looks so natural. I can see this being the only foundation I ever use... 100% recommend"

~ Wendy