Social Responsibilities

Beauty Lovers everywhere are increasingly looking for what the next eco friendly product is on the frontier - like natural clean formulations & ingredients.

More and more people are consciously paying attention to environmentally responsible packaging options, from
bottles and compacts to cartons, as well as the effects of material waste.

Brands need to have corporate social responsibility, including how their supply chain
partners conduct business, from energy sources to manufacturing processes.

Now, it is the packaging’s turn to be in the forefront.


Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics evolved from my volunteer work with Trauma and Cancer Surgeons, so to just have clean formulations ,wasn’t enough. These patients wanted all toxins removed from their life. I created not only primary packaging like compacts and foundation containers to be Compostable with soy ink but also created recycled sleeves for the secondary packaging.

There is a clear shift towards a healthy conscious lifestyle, and Generation Z has a
keen eye for sustainable socially conscious Brands, and want to be aware of
eco-friendly production methods.

They believe in Brands that are being honest about intentions, showing
transparency and authenticity in their business practices and whether or not your
company cares about our planet for their futures.

The consumer purchases our Brand as they can relate to their personal drive to save the planet. 'Better Beauty for a Better Planet!' Is our Motto!

Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of the Brand,
LeiLani recognized that skin conditions were not limited to extreme cases.
Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics are REAL:

Results: More than just a beauty product, it effectively aids in treating
              the skin while enhancing appearance.

Eco-friendly: All-natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable packaging
                     with vegetable ink.

Affordable: Premium formulations at an approachable price point.

Luxurious: Products that deliver prestige for the everyday women

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