Caring for your skin while undergoing Cancer treatments

 During cancer treatments, more than 80% of patients will suffer from skin reactions of varying severity. Some oncology treatments weaken the skin’s natural defences. These treatments may cause acute dryness, itchiness, radiodermatiti (lesions caused by radiation) that target hands and feet, inflammation of the hair follicles, as well as affecting finger/toe nails.

You may develop a minor rash or sunburn easily; this is called photosensitivity. Some people also have skin pigmentation changes.

We need to perfect our routine with proper hydration to help reinforce the skin barrier to help with the discomfort. By opting for face cleansers and makeup removers that respect the skin’s pH, using creams and balms, sun protection and hypoallergenic makeup products that are scent free, rich in texture, and chemical free. Remember to include scalp, hands and feet. For more hydration, put on gloves, socks, and cap after applying your SkinCare. Oatmeal baths aid in helping with itchy areas.

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