The Journey

When I I first began my career in Film and T.V. in 1990, the corrective makeup industry was non-existent, the cosmetic industry focused only on glamour.

As a Cosmetic Designer for Film and T.V., I am one of only a few trained Paramedical Corrective Makeup Artists and Scar-Re-Pigmentation Tattoo Specialists in Canada.  This led me to many wonderful years of volunteer work with Cancer/Burn/Trauma Surgeons and their patients.   It didn't take long to realize my trunk loads of makeup did not cut it for sensitive, post-op allergic skin conditions. I knew I needed better beauty products. This is where my journey began to educate myself on safer, cleaner, non-toxic ingredients.  


 My new knowledge along with my former education in Film & TV birthed our revolutionary Skin Care Cover Foundation. A foundation that aids in pre and post surgical procedures and covers and conceals any skin imperfections from dark circles to rosacea and scarring all while treating your skin with healing botanicals.

I had many clients who wouldn’t even go out in public due to their scarring.  Once they started using the Skin Care Cover Foundation, you could see their confidence return and I even had husbands cry and hug me, telling me they had their wife back.   

Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of my first product, I soon realized that skin conditions were not limited to the extreme. I never set out to create a Cosmetic Company, but with patients referred to me from across the province, I expanded into a full line of Clean, Plant Powered, Vegan, Gluten and Cruelty-free, Complexion Cosmetics while still working closely with Burn, Trauma and Cancer survivors & volunteering my time to educate patients with challenging skin conditions,

From a private studio to retail outlets, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics are now commercially available across Canada in Drug ,Grocery and Health Chains. I was able to create a Brand that was affordable, celebrated by Dermatologists and Surgeons, & that offers those with or without skin conditions, better beauty and earth friendly packaging.

Better Beauty for a Better Planet!

“I have always known how makeup transforms us on the outside, however, over the years I’ve come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside. It’s more then makeup, it’s therapy.”


      LeiLani is highly recognized in the medical community not only for her volunteer work, but more importantly for boosting the self esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions. LeiLani’s passion, creativity, and innovation for cosmetics combined with the desire to fill a need in the everyday women’s life for simple effective makeup,keeps her in demand for her knowledge in the industry. Her knack for bringing out the inner beauty in her clients is the core of her brand.

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